Steem Reputation.

Today we will talk about reputation. This information from my old post. I wrote this before creating the GSG Trail. Now our group collects and organizes useful lessons in
So what's the reputation ....
This indicator is far more important than the number of followers. This figure can not be purchased. It's like the honor of an account. And the more reputation is, the cooler your account. This is really a very important aspect. This figure is difficult to earn, and it's easy to lose. Well, in order to lose you need to be a full asshole (spammers, beggars, phishing and similar sins). Reputation can be destroyed using flags. Reputation is very difficult to increase. Each next level is 10 times more complicated than the previous one. It can be increased only by positive activity in the system. Good content, lots of upvotes, lots of good comments - all of this has a positive impact. On the sites STEEMIT or BUSY you can see a rounded reputation score. F…

Pending Payout service.

Today is a very simple lesson.
To plan my activity on Steem, I recommend this site.
It is very simple and convenient. I will explain in my example.
I am writing 2 posts per day. That is 14 posts per week. That is, I have 14 posts in "pending payouts". I use SmartSteem to promote. So I need to know when I will have the next reward.
It is for this purpose that I use this service.
It's simple and convenient.
I believe that blogging should be systemic. This way makes life effective and enjoyable. Good for you on Steem. Source is my own Steem-blog here.

Steem is NOT Steemit. Concept of blockchain observers.

We continue our lessons about Blockchain. As always, everything will be simple and understandable.
This lesson is the repetition of my old post about the concept of Blockchain and about an observers. Many people do not understand what Steem, Steemit, Busy and other similar services are. Read on. Everything will become clear. There is a blockchain, called Steem. Well, just like STEEM is a token. So, Steem looks like God. It exists everywhere and nowhere specifically. It does not have a central server. It can not be broken or damaged. This lives on many devices. The absence of a central server is a guarantee of stability and continuity. It can not technically be stopped or forbidden by its enemies. This is STEEM!!!! 😎😎😎😎 Now let's look at: Steemit, Busy, eSteem and other similar services. For this, imagine that Steem is a huge field. And you are in the house on this field. The house has many windows of different shapes. Some windows may not be open, others have a grid against ins…

Creat New Account. AnonSteem Style.

This method was unexpected for me. Yesterday morning I did not know about it. Prior to that, I only knew about the classic account creation method. The classic method is through a mobile number and email. This method is free and takes a lot of time. There is an alternative way. In fact, there are several alternative ways. In this post, I will describe only one. This method was checked yesterday. Our alternative way costs 5 SBD. 3 SBD of these 5 will be deposited to the Steem Power of the new account. That is, the fee will be only 2 SBD. Required time is several minutes. Then the scheme in the screenshots. Logout from your actual account. Put "Sign up" 3. 4. Chose "AnonSteem" 5.
Input account name and put bottom "Buy Now". You will be redirect to Steemconnect. Pay 5 SBD. You account will be ready. Don't forget change your password. This method can help you to create additional account for your friends.... or for your bots....
Source is my own Steem-blog …

Tags. Small words have big power.

Let's start with simple.
Each post can have up to 5 tags. That is, the author can post in 5 sections of the STEEM. Also, remember, creating a new tag creates a new "section" in STEEM. Be careful, write the tags correctly. Tag #photography and tag #phatagraphy are completely different tags. If you are not a careful person, then the best option for you is to copy the tags. One mistake - and your post will have less noticeable. Discover the popularity of the tags. Tag #photography and tag #photo are very similar, but they may have quite different levels of popularity. Accordingly, they will give a different level of rewards. Explore and analyze. Link to all Steem tags. Each post has only 5 tags. Pick them up wisely. If your name is John, then it would not be wise to use #john tags. The author has to pick the tags correctly. Here are the basic rules: the tag meets the post content as much as possiblewriting the tag is correctthe tag is quite popular. There are special tags. F…

How are Plankton, Dolphins and other fishes in Steem?

I think it will be interesting for new people on Steem. Each account has its own status. This name is based on STEEM Power. It can change. For example, whale can become a plankton if it makes a POWER DOWN.
These titles only depend on the amount of STEEM Power. You can have 1 billion Steem, but you can still be Plankton.
Plankton 0 - 500 SP
Minnown 500 - 5000 SP
Dolphin 5000 - 50000 SP
Orca 50000 - 100000 SP
Whale from 100,000 SP.

Source is my own Steem-blog

Snapseed. Simple and FREE photo-editor.

You are not a brilliant photographer. But your pictures can be much better after photo-editing.
I'm using Snapseed for processing. It is free, simple and effective. There are versions for different operating systems.
For Android.
For iOS. Here is an example.
The first photo is before processing. The second photo is after processing.